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AP is reporting that a cease-fire agreement has been worked out between France and the US ... "After five weeks it (Israel) was still struggling to occupy a few hundred meters.". "From ... "In a world in which Saddam is destroyed, Gaddafi is domesticated,

Ninety Five Theses Ap World

They decided to send a high-level delegation to new york to press lebanons case. Syria is willing to make significant security guarantees to israel in order to achieve this and might well accept a special regime for the strip of land running along the syrian side of the jordan river. It is hardly surprising that when discussing the lebanon crisis, president bush tends to couple syrias role with irans.

So did palestine and iraq, despite harsh conditions of occupation. It is no secret that idf senior commander lt. And when, just fourteen days into the war, he said that israel would push hezbollah north of the litani river he also meant that.

Syria has now rededicated itself to opposing the disarming of hizbullah and the fall of the march 14 coalition in beirut. He fears that hizballah will employ its projected victory in a postconflict lebanon to change the political equation in its favor. Why the fight against hizbullah is not simply a fight against islamic terror, as argued by bush.

On august 6th, prime minister olmert, responding to european condemnation of the deaths of lebanese civilians, said, where do they get the right to preach to israel? European countries attacked kosovo and killed ten thousand civilians. Essentially, he was telling me he feared that lebanon was spinning out of controlwith dangerous consequences for everyone, including his own country. For example why didnt anyone ask for an international investigations or tribunal for the qana massacre (and other israeli massacres) we need resistance to achieve just piece no more need for defeatism the new middle east is our anti-us middle east.

While it is easy to assume that syria 1 is the reality of the situation, the truth is otherwise. Syria, said james dobbins, an analyst at the rand corporation who, as a senior state department official, coordinated the bush administrations diplomacy during and immediately after the war in afghanistan. Now, iran operates a vast network of allies and clients in iraq, mr.

Damascus has effectively cooperated with washington on terrorism, says syrias ambassador. Nasrallah and hezbollah for what he called their victory over israel. This means that any opposition that seeks support from the syrian street will be anti-american and will be spurned by the west, as happened with hamas. A similar massacre in qana in 1996, which arabs remember painfully well, proved to be the political undoing of then-prime minister shimon peres. Israeli intelligence estimated at the outset of the air war that hezbollah had roughly five hundred medium-range fajr-3 and fajr-5 rockets and a few dozen long-range zelzal rockets the zelzals, with a range of about two hundred kilometres, could reach tel aviv.

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Ninety Five Theses Ap World

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Ninety Five Theses Ap World Weak as it is, syria still has the capacity to throw a spanner in the works and make the aftermath to the fighting much more difficult for us, The arab people do not respect the ruling regimes, perceiving them to be autocratic. Nasr, a professor at the naval postgraduate school in monterey, calif, Finally, irans interest in western financial incentives has dramatically diminished due to the rise in the price of oil. In a column published by the newspaper haaretz, former foreign minister shlomo ben-ami argued that, in the aftermath of the lebanon war, which, in his view, had proved the limits of israeli power, a peace accord with syria and the palestinians had become essential for israel, particularly in light of the worrisome decline of the status of israels ally in this part of the world and beyond. Lebanese army and we have no intention of showing any animosity toward syria. Syria nearly reached a peace agreement with israel during the clinton administration, but the bush administration has been reluctant to involve syria in its peace efforts, Nasr, an iranian-american who recently published a study of the sunni-shiite divide, entitled the shia revival, also said that the iranian leadership believes that washingtons ultimate political goal is to get some international force to act as a bufferto physically separate syria and lebanon in an effort to isolate and disarm hezbollah, whose main supply route is through syria.

    Even those who continue to support israels war against hezbollah agree that it is failing to achieve one of its main goalsto rally the lebanese against hezbollah. Siegel, the israeli spokesman, said that israel had targeted only sites connected to hezbollah the bombing of bridges and roads was meant to prevent the transport of weapons. A lot has changed since the 1980s in the role of hizballah, in the position of syria,, in the standing of the lebanese state, in the regional context, and in international system more broadly. With international pressure temporarily off syria, asad must stop forward to take the fight to the opposition. Thus, there must be a plan for bringing the resistance wing of the party under government control in conjunction with united nations security council resolution 1559.

    Asad can drive forward the attack on hariris parliamentary majority. Most syrians, as unhappy as they are with the present regime, see no point in changing the regime without a solid alternative. President bush and secretary of state condoleezza rice may be quite right about a new middle east being born. It is better to cut our losses and make peace, while israel is at the top of its game and much more powerful than the arabs. This is the time to set the stage for giving back the golan and concluding a region wide solution to the arab-israeli conflict, including the oft-talked about palestinian state.

    When the other side is quiet, why return territories? And when they do go to war, theres nobody to talk to, and certainly not while we are under fire. According to my own research while traveling in many arab countries during the last month, bashars popularity in the arab street now can only be eclipsed by that of nasrallah. The un-brokered cease-fire called for secretary general kofi annan to come up with proposals to demarcate lebanons borders, especially in disputed areas such as shebaa farms, and to present those ideas to the security council within 30 days. This miserable war in lebanon, which is just getting more and more complicated for no reason at all, was born in israels greed for land. In fact, it became clear that they preferred lahoud to aoun, his main contender. Ny times explaining the remaining disputes between the french and us over the resolution. Summoned in the wake of the 1991 gulf war, the conference brought all the main middle east players around a single table and then broke up into working committees, some of which continue to stumble along, at least on paper. Edward cody of the post writes local officials speculated to journalists that a senior hezbollah leader, sheik mohammed yazbek, may have been the commandos target. For now, i hope hariri junior stays in paris, saniora people tighten their security and junblat sticks to his castle in mukhtara. He believes hizbullah will come out of the conflict more powerful, but is not aiming for more seats in parliament.

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    In 2003, after opposing the invasion, he tried to patch up relations with the us, offering to continue giving the us intelligence on al-qaida and to deliver senior iraqi baathists who had taken refuge in syria and who were aiding the insurgency in iraq, but at the price. At the same time, the state department condemned as preposterous syrias stand that the u. President bush and vice-president dick cheney were convinced, current and former intelligence and diplomatic officials told me, that a successful israeli air force bombing campaign against hezbollahs heavily fortified underground-missile and command-and-control complexes in lebanon could ease israels security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a potential american preëmptive attack to destroy irans nuclear installations, some of which are also buried deep underground Buy now Ninety Five Theses Ap World

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    The expected announcement will reinforce a fragile ceasefire and persuade other european countries to follow suit. The united states has not shown any sings that is interested in improving syrias internal situation or helping syria. They should be told that the page can be turned in our relations, that economic benefits could be forthcoming, and that even a resumption of the peace process between syria and israel on the golan heights could be in the offing. The transfer of shaba farms to lebanon requires that syria officially recognize that this territory is lebanese and not syrian, as it has been described to date. The two sides have been at war for almost two years now.

    A high-level american military planner told me, we have a lot of vulnerability in the region, and weve talked about some of the effects of an iranian or hezbollah attack on the saudi regime and on the oil infrastructure Ninety Five Theses Ap World Buy now

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    His statement that peace would involve israel returning occupied lands to their owners and restoring their rights, is a first salvo. John waterbury, the president of aub and a previous professor of mine at princeton, confirms khouris view in his washington post article. The discussions reached the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, he said. Syria and we are concerned about the border matter to prevent any infiltration into lebanon, mr. Prime minister ehud olmert said tuesday that israel had no plans to lift its air and sea blockade on lebanon until an international peacekeeping force took up positions along the syrian border and at beiruts airport.

    As long as it remains tied to iran and hezbollah, there may be no way to neutralize the terrorist militia, a basic israeli condition for any deal Buy Ninety Five Theses Ap World at a discount

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    Iranian genie isnt going back in the bottle, he says. Damascus that is both israel-friendly and an ally of the u. Assad senior contained it by flattening the town with heavy artillery. The long-term administration goal was to help set up a sunni arab coalitionincluding countries like saudi arabia, jordan, and egyptthat would join the united states and europe to pressure the ruling shiite mullahs in iran. Lebanon as long as there is one israeli soldier on lebanese soil.

    Comment recieved the following article from a syrian named fadi who works in the gulf, but was in syria during the war. Bashar al-assad especially fears the sort of crisis his father confronted in february 1982, when an insurrection backed by the muslim brotherhood broke out in hamah Buy Online Ninety Five Theses Ap World

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    Welchs reassurances that the relationship of the us with lebanon is based on mutual respect and the shared interests and his personal statement, i grieve for the lives that have been lost, should go a long way to convince siniora and other lebanese that washington has lebanons best interests in mind as it buys time for israel to continue bombing. Before i left the country, my wife and i invited 10 of our best friends out for dinner. Bushs own instincts are with the ideologues, though hes shown himself capable of acting pragmatically when he sees the need. The united states and israel have shared intelligence and enjoyed close military coöperation for decades, but early this spring, according to a former senior intelligence official, high-level planners from the u Buy Ninety Five Theses Ap World Online at a discount

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    An israeli soldier was killed wednesday and three others were wounded by a land mine that israel had planted in southern lebanon, israeli officials said. Lebanese security officials said the soldiers tank drove over a mine, but israel said it could not confirm that. Given the mistrust between the two governments, however, americas vibrant private sector should lead the way. Olmert discusses expansion of war with defense officials amid report of escalating attacks on infrastructure syrias foreign minister said sunday his country was ready for regional war and will respond immediately to any israeli attack, as he offered to join hizbullahs ranks. Another, damascus will remain the umayyad capital and not the capital of the alawites Ninety Five Theses Ap World For Sale

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    Every time i asked how they could possibly get by with such low income, the answer was we have gotten used to it. It will not be enough to continue saying, the syrians know what they need to do. Not a single syrian intellectual, political leader, or plain good-will writer, has ever dealt with the following fundamental question why do answers to this question have to be vague and general? What are your plans for the tens of thousands of alawis who work in the army and other security apparatuses? What are your plans for the republican guard and the special forces that are staffed primarily by alawis? Are you going to pay them pensions if you decide to disband their forces? Or will they be fired and dumped on the streets, humiliated and ostracized as the americans did in iraq? Do you have any idea of the impact on security such dismissals would engender? Will you be satisfied with a scenario by which these forces remain in their positions in exchange for their giving up political power? What are your plans for the tens of thousands of alawis who work as government employees in many non-functional establishments? Are you going to close these establishments? Do you have any idea of the social impact of such closures? Are you going to stop improvement projects in the costal area as all past sunni governments have done since independence? Are you going to reverse confiscation laws to return land taken from sunni landlords and distributed among tens of thousands of farmers? Are you going to demand that security officials stand trial for their actions during the last 35 years? What is the highest rank that you are going to hold responsible? Are you going to ask for trials for past deeds? How about the present leading elite? Who exactly are the people you want to hold responsible? And if you do bring them to trial, are you going to hold the sunni elite to the same standard? Will sunni families who have benefited from the regime through monopolies and sweet-heart deals, such as the nahhas family in damascus and the jood family in latakia, be treated as alawis are? These questions should be answered not only by opposition intellectuals, but also by every non-alawi syrian For Sale Ninety Five Theses Ap World

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    See this article israel explains that hizbullah did not manufacture all its own missiles and anti-tank weapons, but in fact purchased them elsewhere. Through much of 2005 it looked as if the middle east might finally have its long-overdue spring of freedom. When the us asked hafiz to save lebanons christians from subjugation by lebanons muslim-plo forces in 1976, he did. According to a middle east expert with knowledge of the current thinking of both the israeli and the u. Un resolution 1701 leaves the issue vague enough for lebanon to deploy its own forces instead, thereby averting a confrontation with hizbullah and syrias threat to close all border crossing.

    One in which syrias role as a spoiler is validated, and lebanons limited sovereignty further eroded? Or one in which the guiding assumptions provide a framework for the strengthening of lebanese sovereignty and the transformation of hizballah into a (no-doubt powerful) domestic political actor? Theres no doubt at all that syria will resist this strategy, and is already doing so in voicing its opposition to the kind of international presence that might actually constrain its behavior as opposed to a larger version of the utterly inept unifil which syria seems to prefer Sale Ninety Five Theses Ap World



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